Saturday, September 22, 2012

Pigeon Wars

I've been back in San Miguel for a little less than three weeks and still looking for my groove. I feel pretty good about being here but at times I sure miss Ned who took care of lots of little things around the house.

Every time we were gone for a while, pigeons would try to move in somewhere....the patio or one of the terraces. Ned was the great pigeon hunter. He didn't actually kill them but he tried a lot of ways to shoo them away and if he heard one he was out of his chair and running to the patio or terrace to shoot them with the water hose or wave a towel and holler at them. After some time of disturbing their roosting spots, they would move on. The pigeons had moved in again on the upper terrace. With some help, I now have all the roosting spots screened off. So far, so good. No pigeon poop on the terrace floor today.

I think the problem is solved but I've been smiling for the last couple of days remembering how Ned looked flapping a towel and shouting "Shoo."

This image....We had rain most of the night last Sunday. On Monday when I walked into town the streets were still wet. I love the reflections of the building and sky on the cobblestones.


Bob Mrotek said...


I have two suggestions.

1.) Trap them, kill them, and eat them. I can show you how to kill them and skin them with your bare hands in five seconds or less. The cook up real good.

2.) Get some rubber snakes and put them around where the pigeons roost.

Steve Cotton said...

Very nice shot. Reflecting a life being lived well.

Gloria said...

Hi Billie. Glad to see you are taking photos again. Beautiful one at that. Memories are what we have.:)As for the pigeons, eh, let them have their fun, but do get a towel and shoo them out every once in a while. Take care and be well.

Phil said...

I can remember as a kid, the neighbor's attic got invaded by bunch of bats. I took my water pistol, filled it with amonia, and went to town. There was a black cloud as they left, never to come back. I suppose vinegar would have done equally well. But don't try and mix the two. Good Luck.

alcuban said...

Billie: Just be nice to the pigeons. They are trying to keep you company in their own messy and pigeoney way. And certainly keep taking pictures.


billow said...

I love the picture!