Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Fast Lane

If you have been wondering where I have been, I have been in the Fast Lane. We flew into Housto for Ned's check up a few days after I wrote the last blog entry.  That started a series of tests which showed that Ned's cancer is still around. We flew back to San Miguel, gathered up the car and the dog and drove back to Houston so that Ned could start another round of radiation. Actually it was two rounds of radiation. One for the spots in the brain and another for a spot in his shoulder. I'm telling you he has had so much radiation I may start to glow in the dark just from sleeping with him.

Radiation took up the whole day because we had to go to one place for the shoulder and another for the brain. The high tech machines could have an issue one day and would have to be recalibrated or whatever they do to them and so we did not have a fixed schedule. In fact, Tuesday of the second week was typical. Tuesday morning at the brain location we were given the schedule for Wednesday which included the weekly visit with the doctor. By the time we arrived at the shoulder radiation location, it had been changed.
But the good news is that Ned is feeling better AND he is eating again.

While we are hanging out here we may take some day-trips or even get back to Port Aransas for a few days so I can do some more photography there. In the meantime I have been doing some photography here. One day I headed over to an older part of Houston and took a few photographs.  I'm not working on a "project" but getting out does exercise my foto-eye.

This building was built by Gus Koschany in 1936 as his mechanic shop. It is on a large corner lot with a house. The house faces one way and the shop faces the other direction on the side street. While I was photographing the building the lady who lives next door came out and we chatted for a while about the neighborhood. I love that photography sometimes helps me make a connection with people that I never would in any other way.


Connie said...

Good to hear from you Billie. I thought you may be back in Houston.

You may remember that I emailed you about temporary apartment living in Houston after we sold our home. I am now in Austin, but my husband is still working until he officially retires at the end of the year. We did finally decide on an apartment near downtown where he works and are very happy with it.

Hope you post some of your lovely photos soon. Glad Ned is feeling better.

Babs said...

SO SO glad to see your blog! It's good to read your words and see your photos......Radiate, radiate - love and kindness to you and Ned.

Felipe Zapata said...

I send best wishes from the mountains of Michoacán.

Billie said...

Oh it is nice to know that I haven't lost all my blog readers.

Connie, glad you have moved closer to retirement.

Babs and Felipe, thanks for the good thoughts and best wishes.

I'm the Mami said...

Very touching photo. Makes me feel like I have been there once, in some distant memory.

Will keep you both in my thoughts, so glad Ned is able to eat again. Lots of love being sent your way, from D.F.