Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Just the Highlights

I sent this image to some photographer friends. One of them asked me what kind of birds these were. I'm not a birder so I didn't know anything except I photographed these two birds in Port Aransas. My friend asked an expert. So now I can tell you that these are Black Neck Stilts in the marshy flats just after dawn.

If you have been wondering why I haven't posted anything to the blog, all I can tell you is that nothing exciting has happened and I haven't been in the mood. But all is good at our house.

I'm back to going to yoga twice a week.

The nights have cooled off but still no rain. I'm sleeping better in the cool air but really beginning to worry about the rain. Here it is the middle of June and no sign of rain.

We have been going to the Tuesday Tianguis. The sandia has been delicious. So have the shrimp. One night we had friends over and sat in the patio peeling boiled shrimp and eating until we were stuffed. Today the figs looked wonderful. So wonderful I bought too many. They don't keep. I've got a lot of figs to eat.

We have gone into the centro on the weekends and enjoyed walking around the Jardin. I love seeing all the Mexican families enjoying their town.

I thought I had a printer problem but it was user error. I don't want to talk about it!

I'm very happy with the new housekeeper. It was a bit rocky at first but she wants the job and is a fast learner. Now she has a pretty nice routine worked out so that I always feel like the house is clean.

I've been working with about eight images that I shot in Port Aransas. I could use up a box of paper just messing with the tint of the black and white image. One day I think I've nailed it and then the next day I look at it and start over again. Seems like a minor thing....but not to me. The tint can change the emotion, the interpretation of the image.

Last week we bought another fish friend for Calico. Calico has grown...a lot. The new fish is too big for her to eat but she is trying to chase Blacktail, the new fish, away from the food at feeding time.

There have been a lot of fireworks. Not just on the weekends but during the week as well. Just when we figure out what the event is, the fireworks slide into another event. We aren't keeping up with it all as well as we use to.

See, I told you nothing exciting was going on......
But it is a good life.


jennifer rose said...

We're happy to know that you're not just sitting around eating bombónes, reading Harlequin novels, and watching Wheel of Fortune reruns like some people whose names we won't mention.

Actually, I was rather hoping that you'd post some easy dessert recipe.

Steve Cotton said...

Well, I bet I know what will make it rain -- my arrival in July. That Oregon thing.

Billie said...

Jennifer, easy dessert recipe?
Chill a bottle vodka
Dish up some lime or lemon sorbet.
Pour a jigger or so of the chilled vodka over the sorbet, garnish with a few fresh raspberries and you have a great, refreshing summer dessert.

Steve, please try to came a few days early. We need your magic.

Anonymous said...

Billie, fig conserve! I made some a couple of years ago (how time flies) and it was fabulous. Google a recipe. Once it's done, email some to me, please.