Wednesday, May 25, 2011


We are back in San Miguel de Allende. We arrived last Friday but I just haven't been in the mood for updating the blog. It is so hot it just kind of sucks out any initiative to do anything. We are usually gone during this time of year but it didn't work out that way this year. It is so dry and hot. Some friends of ours who live near the Canyon said that it was on fire yesterday. I'm hoping the rainy season starts early in June.

It didn't take long for San Miguel to welcome us back. There were some fireworks on Friday night but Saturday night there were major fireworks and bells. They seemed to be on a schedule from one church to another then back again. They didn't bother Carly until the neighborhood church did their round of fireworks around 6:00 AM. Now they were loud. It was like they were in our street. She cried a bit so we let her out of her crate and on the bed. The next night she tried the crying again at 6. This time there were no fireworks but who can blame her for giving it a try. This time Ned just told her to be quiet. She settled down again until it was time to get up.

All of the roosters and chickens are still here, crowing and clucking but now a turkey's gobble has been added to the bird symphony. So far I haven't figured where the turkey lives. . .to our right or to our left.

I went to the San Juan mercado. My chicken lady was still there. I have walked into town. It is hard to get a cardio workout with the walking because you keep seeing friends and you just have to stop and talk. And so the social schedule has started again. Cocktails one night, lunch with a girlfriend, and a comida one day next week. We had friends over for shrimp, just boiled shrimp and we sat at the patio table and peeled shrimp, ate and talked.

Most of our meals have been simple grilled chicken and salad and/or grilled vegetables. It is just too hot to heat up the kitchen with cooking and too hot to have much of an appetite.  Today I walked out Ancha de San Antonio/Celaya to Queso Luna. I needed some Kalamata olives and as long as I was there I popped into Maple bakery for a couple of rolls to go with our dinner tonight. It it going to be a Romaine lettuce, celery, olive, shrimp salad with a light French Vinargette dressing. While at Queso Luna I noticed that they are selling the Brianna salad dressings. They are my favorites, especially the blush wine dressing. I pay about $3 for them in the States. Here they were selling them for 72 pesos....maybe $6.50 US. My first thought was NO I'm not going to spend that much for a bottle of dressing. But you know I didn't have to cart it down and if I don't have it and I really, really want it . . . who knows. Just might do it for a special treat.

We are home and re-entry wasn't difficult at all (except for the heat.)

PS, The picture of the chickens was shot in 2004. I thought about them as I wrote about the chickens. Now with my new Lightroom setup, it is so easy to go look for an image, work it, save it for the net and there it is on the blog.

And a thanks to Jennifer for a heads up on the price of the salad dressing. 72 pesos not 720 pesos.  What would I do without friends!


zapatatales said...

The rains almost always come in early June. Fret not. Relief is on the way.

-- Felipe

pitchertaker said...

Besides, Brianna's is made in Texas.

Billie said...

pitchertaker, I did not know that. Should check more labels.

Heather said...

Glad to hear you are back and safe. Sorry for the heat. I feel your pain. The north-east states seem to be getting early heat this year. It's supposed to be up to 90 degrees today.

pitchertaker said...

Comes from the same place as Blue Bell -- Brenham, TX

Billie said...

Brenham, TX......The place of good foods. Yum

Steve Cotton said...

And I returned on Wednesday with the same issues. Tired and hot. We will see if I can gin up any writing before I head up your way for July.