Sunday, March 20, 2011

Super Full Moon

I'm sure that there are millions of shots of the moon last night since it was the fullest it has been in 20 years. This one is one of mine of the moon coming up over the mountains of San Miguel de Allende. I don't have the right equipment for moon shots. This was the most I could get out of my longest lens. I guess it is the thrill of the "hunt" that keeps me taking these moon shots.


alcuban said...

What special equipment do you need for moon shots, other than a tripod?


Anonymous said...

I like you picture of the moon. I forgot to go out and watch it, I'm going to have to wait another 20 years.


Calypso said...

Kind of an eerie moon shot - nice.

Billie said...

Al, I'm using a 70-200mm lens but that is not near enough to get just the moon. And of course a tripod.