Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cafe Muro

We have been trying some new restaurants. Cafe Muro at Loreta 10B is a keeper. In fact we are going back again soon. The decor is warm and cozy and the Front of the House, the host, is charming.
There were four of us and we all tried something different. No one had a complaint about their food especially me. I ordered a chicken breast stuffed with mushrooms and cheese napped in a chocolate sauce. Don't think mole just because I said chocolate sauce. Don't think sweet either. It was a wonderful light sauce and just perfect with the stuffed chicken breast.
I could write a lot more about this restaurant but I don't think I could do it any better than the Don Day In SMA blog did it. So click on the link and after you read his review, I'm sure I'll be seeing you in Cafe Muro one of these days.

Cafe Muro is open from 9-4:30 for breakfast and comida. They are closed on Wednesday.


Calypso said...


Anonymous said...

that sounds and looks scrumptious! if you figure a way to make it, please be sure to post the recipe. that chocolate sauce sounds like pure perfection.

teresa in lake stevens

Felipe said...

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's usually a duck.

Chocolate sauce that's not sweet atop a Mexican dish in Mexico? Plus the photo...

I proclaim that mole, which I do love. Perhaps a high-style variation.

Gloria said...

Now that really looks like a very delicious meal. I know you enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing.