Sunday, February 20, 2011

Baking Bread - Easy Oat Bread

Nope, I haven't stopped baking kneadless bread. Since we came back to San Miguel, I've made several loaves but they were from recipes that I had made before so I didn't blog about them. This last week.....a new recipe....Easy Oat Bread from Nancy Baggett's book Kneadlessly Simple. It was easy to make but you do have to do a bit of coordinating with the bread's rising schedule and your own schedule. The bread has some leeway on rising times. I end up counting backward to figure the time I need to stir the ingredients together. Right now the house is still fairly cool so I need all of the rising time but in another couple of months in San Miguel's hot season, I'm sure that I can reduce the rise times. This recipe made two nice loaves and here you can see one in the last rise and almost ready to pop in the oven.
The next time we are back in Texas, I'm going to get another oven thermometer because I think mine is just a bit off. My gas oven is well insulated and will hold a temperature but it is a little tricky to get it set right on 375 degrees or what ever it is that I need. These two loaves were just a little over-cooked. I was going by the bake time in the recipe and I should have been watching so I could take them out just a little sooner.

I had thought that the bread would have had more of an oaty taste but the only oat taste that I got was from the oats garnished on the crust. Still it made great sandwiches and toast.  


Nancy said...

It's beautiful, Billie. Do you have to do a bunch of recalculating time or temp for your altitude?

Your picture of the finished bread is so lovely I can almost smell it and wish I could taste it. I have my mind set on making a healthy granola bar tomorrow, looking at those oats on top of your bread was the final straw.

I am still obsessed with sourdough, though, just made a delicious batch of whole wheat sourdough with bulgur wheat added. I think it was my best yet.

Jonna said...

That looks wonderful! and now I have yet another book on my Amazon wish list. I'm going to have to start whittling that list down soon, the next time someone is coming down and offers to bring something.

Billie said...

Nancy, I haven't been recalulating times or temp but have thought that maybe my oven thermometer was off a bit so maybe I should do some recalculation. I haven't tried sourdough yet. I wish we could trade a few slices via the net. LOL

Jonna, I have two other books with kneadless bread recipes in them but Nancy Baggett's recipes are the best. I bet you'll get some fast rises in Merida.

Sam and Bob said...

Looks yummy! When I go back to the states, I'll have to pick up Nancy's book. Can't wait to have my own kitchen!

melardenio said...

From the looks of it, i;m starving right now. THanks billie for the pics.. I think this will ruined everyone's diet pattern..