Saturday, January 08, 2011

Carrying Baggage

We are back in San Miguel. After a flight of a little over two hours, we still had another one and a-half hour van ride to our house. It is always interesting to meet who is on the van. Sometimes it might be someone you know or who lives here full-time but usually it is visitors. This time we had a couple who had rented a house for 10 weeks and another lady who comes from Oregon every year to stay for three months. The couple who were staying for 10 weeks must have a full social calendar because they had at least four huge suitcases and then some smaller bags.

It made me giggle because we basically have been in Houston for  four months with so few clothes that we brought most of them back in our two small bags that could go overhead if we had wanted to put them there, a brief case and a backpack. Somehow we managed to be dressed for everyday during that four months and even for a few special occasions. Probably not as fashionable as this couple but the travel was easier.

This week it didn't look like the airlines were inforcing baggage rules. One lady in front of us had an overhead bag, a stuffed clothes bag, a shopping bag in the overhead and then a huge purse. It was all she could do to get down the aisle of the plane. I think I saw her in the baggage area pulling two gigantic suitcases off the luggage conveyor. I wonder if she had to pay for the extra checked bag and for being over the weight limit for both of those huge bags. She was only one example. There were others who got on the plane with an overhead bag plus more than a briefcase or purse.

I don't want to have to hassle with that much stuff and I do resent being hit and shoved with their stuff as the baggage overloaders try to get on and off the airplane.

Oh, and speaking about flying, we didn't get a pat-down or have to go through the x-ray machine when we went through security. We did see people going through the x-ray machine but I didn't see anyone getting a pat-down. People seemed to be moving through security just fine although it is a hassle to take out computers and take off belts, coats and shoes.

Flying just isn't glamorous anymore.


Brenda said...

Glad you made it home fine.
I agree flying is not fun anymore, they have taken all the joy out of it.
Roy and I also travel light and I also resent being poked, gouged and jostled by people trying to shove too many things in the overhead compartments and are too large to go in there to begin with. Not only bumping people they also stand in the aisle forever trying to shove stuff in and hold up everyone else trying to board. Crazy, why do people feel the need to travel with so much stuff, must be a pain.

Bob Mrotek said...

Welcome home Billie and Ned. It's so good to have to back where you belong :)