Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Night Lights #6

 We are doing a little decorating for the Holidays and I'm having so much fun because I have to figure out something different to use. We got rid of all our Christmas decorations when we moved to San Miguel full time. There were ornaments that the kids had made, ornaments that had been given to us from relatives, so much stuff that it took at least a seven foot tree to get them all on. So when we were downsizing, we told our sons, come get any of the decorations you want and they did.

There were a few exceptions. I had about five or six manger scenes that I had collected. None of them were antiques or anything like that but I loved them. I kept all of them. Then I had some blown glass balls that #2 had given me and they are so beautiful and I love them so much I couldn't get rid of them. I also had a wooden tree that I attached them to rather than letting them get lost on the tree.  All of that was packed and stored.

We got them out of storage and we bought a little four foot tree. That is when the fun started. All of the accessories I used to decorate before were gone so we made a couple of trips to the crafts store and would you believe that they were already putting the Christmas floral stuff and ribbons on sale at 60% off. Where before I kept doing the same things over and over, now I could start all over and do something new. Much smaller scale of decorating but I had a great time.


Sam and Bob said...

Your decor looks beautiful. Have fun decorating!!

Heather said...

Love it!!! It's so beautiful, tasteful and different! We take a picture of our tree every year since my husband and I have been dating. It's fun for us to see how things have changed over the years. I'll be curious what we do when we are empty-nesters.

Calypso said...

Nicely done!