Friday, December 03, 2010

Night Lights #4

A little change of pace on the Night Light series but it is still about Christmas lights and decorations.

Last night I got Ned to go along with me as my Security Officer. When we were getting ready to leave Carly did her bouncy run through the house that says, "I wanta go, I wanta go. Take me." So we took her along too. I had seen some Christmas lights at a couple of strip shopping centers or Business Districts. I thought I'd feel better with someone watching my backside as I stood looking and adjusting my camera and tripod. Besides when I get in the flow, I really lose track of what is going on around me. We actually only hit a couple of locations but I came away with about 36 digital files, seven of which I processed and three of them are maybe keepers. Three out of 36....that is pretty good for me, especially if even one does turn out to be a keeper.

I kept expecting the shopping centers Security Officers to come up and tell me I couldn't photograph there so I stayed on the public sidewalk. However I had spotted this window and like the way it looked so I had been planning how I wanted to shoot it. Just before we left I walked from the sidewalk to right in front of the window. Plopped the tripod down, shot three exposures and picked up the tripod and walked to the car.

I had thought about how I would handle it if someone did tell us we could not photograph at the shopping centers. No one ever hassled us. I was almost disappointed.


Gloria said...

I like it! The lights are there so it is Christmas. I've always appreciated your photo work. I like that Carly went with you too. I bet she too enjoyed her outing. Have a great day. Thanks.

Richard said...

billie, the lights are especially pretty this year since they finished the new kirby drive strip, don't you think! it really gave me the christmas spirit. thinking of you and hope to see you after the first of the year! carolyn