Saturday, August 07, 2010

Use Your Imagination

Around 6:00 PM it started raining. We haven't had any rain for more than a week so we needed some rain. After all this is the rainy season. It settles the dust and cools things off and of course the plants always appreciate a good drenching of rain instead of city water.

I hadn't really planned to cook dinner, either we would eat the left over chicken-vegetable-pasta salad I made for Thursday or we'd go out to one of the neighborhood restaurants. By the way, the salad was really good and chuck full of veggies.....corn, english peas, spinach, zucchini, carrots, celery, red pepper, red onion and maybe some other veggies that I can't remember now. I used tri-colored pasta. It was quite colorful and delicious.

Back to the story. About 7:45 there was a let up in the rain. We needed to make a decision about or go out. We decided to take advantage of the rain break and headed up the street to the pizza place on the corner of 20 de Enero and Orizaba. We were the only people in the restaurant and we sat where I could see out the door. It was the time of night when the sky is this wonderful deep blue...not yet night.

Then it hit me. I had not brought the camera with me. Too wet outside. But there was a picture that was calling out to me. The cobblestones in the street were yellow from the light reflected from the street light and the puddles of water surrounding each of them was the deep blue reflected from the sky. Maybe this doesn't seem like much of a picture to some of you but to me it was a missed opportunity to capture a light, a moment that was so beautiful, a moment that would be gone very quickly and I might never have the priviledge of seeing again. I can use my imagination and see it again but, damn, I'd really like to have that image in a digital file.


jennifer rose said...

Consider your post a photo for the blind.

pitchertaker said...

Not even your S90? So unlike you.

Billie said...

Jennifer, I like that idea. I wonder what a braille monitor costs?

Frank, I know, I know but it was raining and getting dark. The S90 isn't that good in the dark. and learn.

Anonymous said...

i thought you were going to say you ran out and bought a disposable. they actually take pretty good pictures, one of the best pix i have of mt. adams (wa.) was taken with one. perhaps they are not easy to find in your neighborhood but if you are ever without your cameras and a picture calls out to you, try to find one. your great description of the scene put my imagination to work-ahh, it was beautiful.!

teresa in lake stevens

Nancy said...

We can see it, thanks to you.

phil said...

I miss your blogs. Hope you return soon.

Islagringo said...

I agree with Nancy. Sometimes the description can be better than a picture. But, please. Stick that camera in your purse or Ned's pocket!