Saturday, May 22, 2010

Retired and Loving It!

I lifted that title right out of a current AARP magazine article. They write about four retirees from four different income levels. Besides giving an introduction for each retiree or couple they asked them three questions.
Favorite Worry Repellent
What I wish someone had told me
Our secret to happiness.

My answers would be.....
Favorite Worry Repellent: I don't think there is a worry repellent about your kids. You will always worry about them. On the financial side we have a is kind of loose...but every month we can track against it and know if we need to cut back. I'll admit that when the stock market went down the tank, we were concerned but as we looked at what our loses were compared with many other people, we decided that our conservative financial plan gave us a cushion of comfort.

What I wish someone had told me: I had taught some workshops about planning for your retirement so I kind of knew what to expect. Until you are retired, you really can't comprehend how wonderful it is that you can plan your days as YOU want them rather than meeting the expectations of a boss. My regret is that I didn't retire about three years earlier.

Our secret to happiness: As you get older you realized that life as you know it can permanently change in a flash so we are living in the present and enjoying each moment even if it is something as small as sitting in the shade of the portico and watching the birds come for a drink at the fountain.

What about you? Are retired and loving it?


Brenda said...

Short answer, YES!!!!
Worry Repellent: I agree when it comes to family/spouse there is no such thing, not if you care.

What I wish someone had told me: how gosh darn busy retirement can be lol

Secret to happiness: as you, enjoying the small things and taking the time to enjoy them as life can change in an instant and you can never recover what has been lost. Spend quality time with your loved ones, you will never regret it.

dsr said...

Soon Billie.... Soon!

Gloria said...

That is a beautiful post. I love that comment about "living in the moment." Have a great Sunday.

Steve Cotton said...

I did not realize how much I enjoyed retirement in Mexico until I returned to Oregon for my six-month job. I long for the return of my freedom.

Mic said...

Am of age but don't feel retired yet as there's always much more work to do than I can accomplished , Is there such a thing as a retired housewife??

Am more "in the present" than I use to can say I do stop and "smell the roses" more. Put out a new bird bath today. As soon as they find it, I'll be able to watch the birds play :-)

Billie said...

I knew I'd get some positive answers.

DSR, How soon? Why don't you take a trip to SMA and check it out. Ya gotta plan ahead ya know! Regardless, retirement planning is a good excuse to do some traveling.

Steve, it is good to know that you have really crossed the retirement bridge.

Mic, I agree that there is lots to do in retirment but the good thing is that it is what I want to do. Except for housework. Fortunately we have Lupita who helps out with that.

pitchertaker said...

As you know, Billie, in my retirement, I started a whole new episode in my teaching career. Didn't plan it, it just happened. But that'a the really great thing about retirement, you can easily change your direction to accept a new challenge. And that's the real secret -- staying challenged, that's the real "worry repellent."

What everyone told me was always hurting -- I just didn't listen. I have pains I didn't know a person could have. The secret is knowing how to work around them.

As to happiness -- just doing what makes you happy. Right now making photographs, learning the new digital technologies and being able to pass that on to whole new generation of young'ns, along with what I've learned about life through a life in photography.

There is a fourth -- having someone to love you including your faults.

Billie said...

Ah, Frank, you are right. Having someone to love who loves you back "including your faults." That is pretty wonderful in retirement.

Heather said...

Great post! I'm no where near retirement age, but I've been seriously thinking about some opportunities to do work outside the corporate world, which would as you say it "you can plan your days as YOU want them rather than meeting the expectations of a boss." When I get to be able to realize my plan, I will be able to spend more time with my family while our children are young.

Anonymous said...

i've laways tried to make the best of every day because none of know how much time we have left. not retired yet-probably not for a little over 6 more years. at what age did you retire? i'll be almost 62 by the time my husband can retire with full benefits, but i work as a substitute teacher, a job i love because i can leave it at the end of the day, so i do not have any job related stress.

enjoy your weekend billie.

teresa in lake stevens