Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Quiet Season

During the last week I've overheard a number of gringo conversations. The people might be chatting after yoga, or talking in a bar, or sitting in the Jardin but there always seems to be someone in the group that is saying, "I'm leaving on Monday or Wednesday or whenever . . ." to head back to wherever they are from. The exodus for Canadians and people from the USA usually starts about the end of March and it has continued. That is why I'm calling this the quiet season.

Right now San Miguel is down to the full time gringos who brave the May heat and the Mexicans who live here although on the weekends we are joined by Mexican tourists.
Last Saturday night, I thought the Jardin would be quiet. It wasn't although we were two of the few gringos there. There were lots of families and there was a concert. You can barely see the stage on the middle left side of this image. A stage-filling group of 15 or more musicians were playing and singing. Very professional group. In the Jardin were several Mariachi groups and one or two of them were performing. The food carts were already starting to sell hotdogs, hamburgers and corn.

It might be a quiet season for the gringos but Mexicans love this town.


Leah Flinn said...

I empathize on the May heat, although I did not know SMA received very hot temperatures? May is the worst month here.

I don't think gringos will ever colonize this area in Veracruz, too hot & humid.

Billie said...

Leah, From about the middle of April to the end of May or until the rainy season starts it is usually hot in SMA although it is a dry heat. This April/May has not been bad. But we have had years where it could get to 100 during the day and not cool off much during the night. Still it isn't like the humidity from your side of MX.