Thursday, April 08, 2010

Hired Hands

My friends Dar and Cynthia invited Sondra and me to come see them in Pozos. Pozos is a sleepy old mining town about 45 minutes from San Miguel. Gradually things are waking up in Pozos as more Mexicans use it for a weekend getaway and artist and writers are finding that Pozos is a creative place for their work. Dar has a rancho just on the other side of Pozos and she has started a new venture.....Lavendar farming. When Sondra and I accepted the invitation to the farm we were thinking about sitting on the portico in the shade, sipping a cool beverage and looking across the lavendar fields to the distant mountains.
Just one problem, we arrived in the middle of lavendar harvest and Dar put us to work. We were assigned the task of dead-heading the plants. The dry blossoms will be used for sachet. Other mujeres from Pozos were cutting stems of  blooming lavendar that will be hung to dry in the barn. Sondra and I worked diligently on our long, long row of lavendar. It was worth the effort. Sondra and I had time for a wonderful long conversation and then we were paid with a very tasty comida and lots of good conversation with Cynthia and Dar. Oh, we also had some rest breaks so we did get to sit on the portico with a cool beverage or two.
Here is a link to Dar and Cynthia's blog. They welcome all visitors to LavenDar Farms of Pozos. Please let them know when you'd like to stop by to smell the lavender.


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Gloria said...

I love lavender. I have some growing in my garden and I harvest it, dry it and jar it. The scent is beautiful. Great lavender farm.

Heather said...

I love lavender. I'm growing some from seed this year for the garden. It seemed very appropriate since we live on "Lavender Hill Lane". Yes, it's true!

Sam and Bob said...

Nice...I am sure you had a great time.