Tuesday, April 20, 2010


What color would you call this? Blue-gray-green? I don't know what to call it but it is a color that I love. It feels cool and wet. Like the sea.

We had green slate on the floors in our house in Houston and I loved the color so much that I put it in the shower. When I was in that shower with water pouring over my body, I felt like I was in the ocean. I know that the ocean isn't really this color, except maybe for a few seconds at a time, but this color raises associations and feelings.

When the sky in San Miguel is a cloudless deep, deep blue for just a few minutes before nightfall, I feel like I could float on that soft velvet sky.

In Texas when the trees are just sprouting out in the Spring, the green is so intense that I can almost taste it.

I think it is quite wonderful to experience color in more than one dimension but it is okay, you can either think I'm weird or you can tell me about the colors that you can feel or taste.


jennifer rose said...

In the 70's, we used to hear colors a lot. But then we also could see numbers sing.

Sage is a very tactile color, but it still doesn't measure up to red, an all-encompassing color -- and the best one of the lot.

Billie said...

I missed out on the fun of the 70's since I was raising kids and trying to set a good example. But I'd love to hear a color.

I agree with you about red. It is about power. When I was all decked out in red and a piece or two of good jewelry, I was ready to take on the corporation. Still feel strong when I'm wearing red.

Laurie said...

You are not weird. When I think of color, I think of slime green of the algae that covered the wrongly named bayou in front of my childhood home, Bayou Blue. Ahhh memories. And the occasional red eye and black snout of the alligators!

1st Mate said...

What a lush and healthy plant! I call it celadon green, and it's one of my favorites. For our wedding, the Capt and I received celadon Chinese dishes, place settings for two, and I never tire of looking at them. Still use them after 20 years.

Bob Mrotek said...

I would call it Red179/Green187/Blue 198/Hue215/Saturation10/Value78.

Billie said...

Was the slime green kind of an acid green? or guacamole green?

1st Mate, I had some walls paint celadon green in the Houston house but when incandescent lights were on at night, it looked more like hospital green.

Bob, I think you nailed it. LOL

Laurie said...

Definitly guacamole green.

DanaJ said...

I would call this Thompson's Seedless Grapes-green.

Me, I'm all about the heather gray.
A heather gray sweatshirt and blue jeans are the foundation of my power wardrobe.

Robert said...

in the evening there is sometimes a moment that has the most beautiful purple moment. the world takes on a lovely purple hue that lasts only for a few seconds.


Summer said...

This is my favorite plant. I have 2 at home and 2 at work.The colors, texture, and shapes are fascinating, so much so, my students in my classroom have nearly "loved" it to death.I think this plant is called donkey's tail.Does anyone know for sure?