Monday, March 15, 2010

View from the 9th Floor

I love the Houston skyline. I use to love seeing it as we drove into town from the northside suburbs and then as we drove to the house we owned in the Old Sixth Ward. There I saw it from ground level. I loved it when we stayed on the 18th floor of a condo and now we are seeing it from the 9th floor of another hi-rise condo. From this viewpoint we can see downtown, the huge campus of the University of Houston and if it is really clear, we can even see the refineries on the far southeast side of Houston. During a clear day it is beautiful but at night with the lights twinkling it is magical.

Last night we had friends for dinner. It was lovely having the city as a backdrop. I think I could get use to hi-rise condo living. Of course, when we get back to San Miguel we have a gorgeous view of the centro from the roof terrace.

Cooking dinner in this condo was an adventure but you make adjustments. Who said you need a rolling pin for the tart dough...a wine bottle can do the job. So what if the recipe calls for a 12-in skillet. In a pinch you can use a large sauce pan. My biggest worry was cooking for son #2 who is a chef. But everyone seemed to enjoy the company and the food.


Sam and Bob said...

You are absolutely amazing!

Steve Cotton said...

It appears we need to learn improv cooking techniques on both sides of the border.

Heather said...

Of course he'd love your food! Your food looks good enough for any chef to love!

Billie said...

Well, he has to be nice to his mother! LOL