Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Traveling Photographs

The huisache is in bloom along MX 57. I saw so many of these trees with their bright yellow blossoms. Sometimes in clusters and sometimes a single tree with the sun making it glow like a lamp. I wanted to stop hundreds of times to photograph the spring colors in the desert landscape or maybe a single, tiny, brightly-colored house with plants in tin-cans growing around the door. A single house with the desert spreading in all directions to a backdrop of blue mountains. My eye is constantly framing images as we barrel down the highway. You would think that as many times as we have traveled MX 57 that I would have taken all the imaginary pictures there are to take. There is always something new.

I tell myself that maybe next time we will have time to stop along the highway for me to take photographs but it doesn't happen. We have a nine hour drive between San Miguel and Laredo if we only stop for bathroom breaks and gas. If we are going into the USA, we will have a wait to cross the bridge at the border. Most of the time not a very long wait but you never know. We want all of this drive to be in daylight.  One of these days maybe we will plan to divide the drive up into several days so there will be some photoing time. I hope that happens before too long. I'm not getting any younger.


Sam and Bob said...

I agree. Take time to "smell the flowers" or photograph them!

Steve Cotton said...

I was planning on a slow truck jouney north next month to see some of the places we sped through on the way down But not now. I will be on an airplae trying to stretch out my leg. Such are the breaks. ;}

DanaJ said...

I always wanted to name a son "Huisache".