Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Rain and More Rain

This isn't San Miguel but oh how all of us here are wishing for a sunset. All we are getting is cold, overcast skies and rain. Before we returned, San Miguel had a lot of rain in January and it is continuing into February. There was even some snow while we were gone. And since we arrived home it has been rain and more rain. Yesterday it started raining about 9:00 AM and it has rained continuously since then. We don't have storm sewers. The streets take the rain waters downhill. Our street has been a little rivlet and sometimes it has looked like shallow rapids.  This is unusual for San Miguel in January and February. Oh, I've seen a storm come through in January before but not where it just settles in for the month.

Yesterday we were out in the rain so we could join some Mexican friends to celebrate the presentation of their three year old daughter to the Church. There was no way to stay dry with an umbrella. Golashes were definitely needed for crossing streets. Today we have stayed bottled up in the office/studio at home with the lava rocks glowing in the fireplace. We are cozy. I should have gone to the grocery store but neither of us wanted to be out in the cold rain. We'll get by tonight with some kind of tomato sauce on pasta.

It is February. Time to buy plants in Parque in Juarez. Time to sit in the sun in the middle of the day. Time for something besides cold damp days and rain.

I made this image one evening near the hospital while we were in Houston. I have a new point and shoot that shoots RAW images, the Canon S90. It is shirt pocket size and fits in my purse. I am carrying it with me most of the time. It really comes in handy when you come on something spectacular like this sunset crowned with those amazing clouds.



Anonymous said...

Sounds like what we're having for dinner.

Linda Knapp

Brenda said...

We are getting weird cold, rainy weather here also. Very strange for us. I have heard that it is the effects of El Nino, who knows. We are freezing.

Steve Cotton said...

We are having the same type of storm on the coast. But with wind, lightening, and thunder. I thought the 1st Army was invading last night. This is expected August weather, but certainly not February. Babs left town just in time.

Susan said...

Awesome pic!

Mexico Cooks! said...

Weather's been the same in Morelia, too. Newspaper says it is frente frío (cold front) #28 and has covered most of Mexico for the last three or four days. It appeared just as we thought the warm sun returned after the last cold front.

Finally, just in the last hour (5:30PM 2/4/09), the sky has cleared. The forecast is for sunny and warmer, sunny and warmer, sunny and warmer, for all the week to come. Thank heavens, we were ready to build an ark.