Monday, February 22, 2010

Procrastination Reinforced

I don't know the name for this tree but I think it is some kind of bauhinia tree because of the shape of the blossoms. Most of the year it is a non-descript tree in front of a house in our neighborhood. But not yesterday when I passed by. No, no, it was a fluffy cloud of white.

I had the holga lens on the digital camera and I was trying out a homemade lens hood. The holga lens is not designed to diminish flare. That is what you get with a plastic lens for $25, blur and flare. The blur is okay but not the flare. I thought a hood might help out with the flare. It isn't like you can just go on line to a photo store and order a lens hood for the holga so it is one of those things I've been thinking about making. I've tried some things like the cylinders that toilet paper is rolled on. They didn't fit exactly right and besides I'd need to go buy some flat black paint to cover it with. Making a lens hood with a toilet paper cylinder could turn into a big project. Last week, Hurrah! I was in Parisina, a fabric store, and saw some 12x12 foam sheets for about six-cents apiece. I could get them in black, they were thin and flexible. I bought one sheet, cut a 2-inch strip, wrapped it around the lens and used some black tape to keep it in a cylinder shape. It looked a little strange. To test it I took a walk and took a few pictures. It works!

Once again my tendency to procrastinate was reinforced. If I just wait around long enough, a better idea might come along.


debbie said...

Yes, you are correct. The tree is also called an orchid tree and range in colors from white (as in your beautiful image) to deep purple. Ours is not in bloom yet, still too cold. We do have lovely Japanese Magnolia blossoms all over the side yard. Debbie

Nancy said...

Yes, I was going to chime in with the name of the tree, too. We have a purple one in a pot on our patio here in Mazatlan and it has been blooming for several weeks.

I love your innovative camera hood, truly a Mexican approach, wouldn't you say?