Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The Last Rays

I have more to tell you about the Day of the Dead but I don't have time today to sort it all out. So I'm posting this image made in my Colonia of the last rays of the setting sun on Halloween night. When we turned the corner to go down this short street to Pila Seca the sun was still brilliant on the windows in this house and the street we were on was quickly becoming the night. I love to be able to see the commonplace differently because of the colors of the light.

Ned has lived with me so long that he sometimes sees the color of the light. Just the other night he shouted at me to come upstairs because there was a strange color of light on our street. I glanced at the kitchen window before I headed upstairs and sure enough it was like the street was bathed in an orange glow. By the time I got upstairs....where the camera was....that light had gone. I've seen that just a few times where somehow the sun's setting rays just totally envelope the land. For just a few seconds even the shadows are tinted orange. I always feel so blessed when I am able to see the world in a different light.


glorv1 said...

You are blessed Billie. Too bad you didn't catch this light. There will be a next time though. Hope your Ned is doing okay. Take care.

Tambopaxi said...

Nice photo!

Tina said...

I love that clarity of light--that's why we spend so much time in the Southwest when we aren't in Mexico.

We were extras on a movie once ("The Day After Tomorrow") filming in El Paso. One scene involved waiting all day for that enveloping glow. They called it the "golden hour" which is such a perfect way to describe it.

And by the way, we really are almost neighbors here!

We're on Alameda, just a few blocks away from where you took this photo.

DanaJ said...

That's a lovely slice of married life bathed in orange light.

Wondering if there's a flip side:

like..."Ned, I saw a man selling his lifetime collection of tools out of a garage down the street...if we hurry he'll still be there..."???

Billie said...

Tina, yes you are a neighbor. We'll have to get together. My email address is on the right hand side bar. Send me and email and we'll talk.

Dana, yes there is a flip side but I probably got the best deal. Ned is pretty special.
Tambopaxi, thanks
Gloria, Ned is going well and I know that I am lucky and I'm thankful.