Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hell, Purgatory and Paradise

I've seen figures like this in a number of churches in Mexico. This one I took during October in the Salud church here in San Miguel. Most of the time the ones I have seen have been similar to this one but sometimes it is a single figure immersed in flames from the waist down. Not being Catholic I didn't understand the meaning of it and so I asked Mexico Bob who is Catholic. And would you believe that he was preparing to write a blog entry about this very subject so he asked permission to use my photo. Sometimes God leads us in ways we do not understand.

Mexico Bob's explanation is complete so if you don't know what it means either, click on this link. Now I have a better understanding of hell, purgatory and paradise. And in the future anytime I encounter these figures in a church, I'll stop to say my own prayer. Thanks Bob.


Bob Mrotek said...

Thank you Billie, and may God bless both you and Ned.

susan harris said...

Hello again from Meg Smith's sister! I'm still looking for a SOuth-of-the Border gardenblogger to feature on as a guest. We and our readers would love to read about how it's different there compared to "home" (where he/she used to garden). Not just plants but also practices, obtaining plants and supplies,etc.
Know anything I should contact? My email is

billow said...

Mexico Bob's explanation of Purgatory was fascinating. It always seemed to me that a Catholic religious background would be very useful to understand Mexico traditions and life. From one who was trained Catholic, he's one of those Catholics who know more than most.

I love your low light photos!