Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sugar Skulls vs. Jack-o-lanterns

I don't remember seeing sugar jack-o-lanterns last year during Day of the Dead but we were in Patzcuaro last year. This importing of jack-o-lanterns among the sugar skulls just rubs me the wrong way. On the other hand, I love that in the USA more and more Day of the Dead altars are being built.


Cynthia said...

I guess when you live in Houston and spend lots of time in San Miguel (or vice versa) you are really aware of the blending of the two cultures.

Like you, I welcome the altars here, but don't really like the Halloween stuff there.

Sam and Bob said...

Interesting on the local news tonight in Michigan...they (a small group of people) want to change the night of Halloween to Fall Festival...to be politically correct. They also want to prohibit kids from dressing up and passing out candy at school. I don't think it will happen.

What is wrong with people?

Cynthia said...

My kids are grown and they would still revolt. They are working on this year's costumes as I write.

Islagringo said...

I agree. I hate the influx of Halloween and Santa Claus here.

When I was considering my tattoo, the choices came down to what I got or a sugar skull. I've never actually seen a sugar skull that you can eat.

Steve Cotton said...

Mexico's cultural strength is its ability to assimilate anything and incorporate it as its own. It works here. Come to think about it, it works in The States, as well. Wadda place!

Billie said...

Islagringo, my friend kept having a night time visitor who came to eat sugar skulls.

I'm probably getting to be an old grouch but I'm with Islagringo on this one, leave Halloween and Santa Claus north of the border.

Cynthia and Sam and Bob, I'm amazed how a minority (nothing to do with race) can influence public policy. I bet John Adams is tossing and turning in his grave with all the "separation of church and state."