Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hurricane Rick?

It is breezy this morning.....and chilly too. About 58 degrees when we left the covers of the warm bed. Last night was the first night we slept with the windows closed.

We still have a bit of a gusty wind but last night it blew in great gusts. The wind is different here in San Miguel than in Houston. In Houston we would have winds, oh say, 10-15 mph with 25 mile gusts. In San Miguel, I swear we seldom have a sustained wind only gusts that toss the branches of the tree outside our window. As soon as the tree is still, another gust will blow through it again making it dance a fast jig. And the air is carrying a bit of moisture. Last night it was enough to feel like we were walking home in a heavy fog but there was no fog.

The Mexicans will say this weather is from the hurricane Rick out in the Pacific. Rick seems pretty far away to me. Who knows. But I do know that we are not done with hot weather in the middle of the day. I've never photographed Day of the Dead here when I wasn't sweating when I was in the cemetery at noon.


Islagringo said...

Rick is bigger than you think. If you look at visible satellite, you can see that almost all of Mexico is covered with the trailings from him. We're getting winds and high seas way over here from it. I hope Nancy, Steve and Brenda are holding on tight!

marilyn said...

So glad you wrote about the weather, Billie. I'll be there for three weeks starting next Saturday (!!!). And even 'tho I look at the weather website, personal experience is much more valuable. thanks, Lena

Billie said...

Islagringo, I'm worried about the West coast bloggers too. I guess I need to take a look at a satelite map.

Marilyn/Lena, This is unusual weather for this time of the year. I'm hoping that we will be back to our warm days, cool nights and blue skies soon.

Babs said...

Every year about this time we get a cold front for a few days and we all scurry around looking for our sweaters. Just about the time we get it all ready, it returns to beautiful weather again til January. I see it will be 82 by Thursday. Thank goodness........Up here on the hill it is blowing like a darn gale!

1st Mate said...

Billie - I wouldn't be surprised if you weren't getting some effects from Rick — this one is HUGE. We bought sandbags and are getting ready for a major assault. So of course it won't even come this way — Murphy's Law in reverse.