Wednesday, September 09, 2009

After a Long Journey......

One week ago today we arrived back in San Miguel de Allende after being gone for almost four months. We left for three weeks and ended up being gone for way too long.

On the first day we drove from Houston to Saltillo. We crossed at Bridge #2 in Laredo and had no stops at customs or immigration. The traffic was light and we had smooth driving except when we turned from the cuota road to head into Saltillo. There is a lot of construction on the road heading into Saltillo. It will be a much better road when all of the overpasses are finished. We spent the night at the Camino Real Hotel. The hotel was a good reminder of the differences in architecture between the two countries. There are stairs everywhere. Sometimes only 5 or 6 steps, sometimes winding steps, sometimes whole flights of steps but almost always no hand rails. If you are in a wheelchair or not able to navigate steps easily, the Camino Real is not for you. In fact Mexico may not be for you.

I can't begin to describe how wonderful it was to start down the hill from the Caracol and see the town spread out in front of us. First I see the Parroquia spires, the Monjas church, the Oratorio, the San Francisco but the best is when I spot the San Antonio church in the middle of our Colonia. Then I know I'm really almost home.

Everything in the house looked great but it was very quiet. The pump on the pond had gone out and the fish had been eaten by birds. Our birds were staying with friends. And of course, we were reminded of Taylor when we walked in. I still miss my doggy friend everyday.

We're back in the swing with cooking and seeing friends but I still haven't gotten all our stuff put away. Today I'm cleaning out our closet. It needed it before we left. So as leverage to get it done, I'm not going to put anything back into it until it is clean and tidy.

I've also got to figure out how to keep up with the growing "library." When we first bought the house I brought down a few books but now my obsession for books has filled up the spaces. Also when we remodeled the kitchen, I thought I had enough room but the new enameled cast iron pot and the wok are overflowing the storage space. I had sworn off buying stuff except what I really need. Well if it is a book or something for the kitchen, I always seem to be able to convince myself that I really, really need it.

It is good to be home. Home with the windows open to life on the street. Home with the fireworks and church bells. Home with the cool nights and glorious blue skies.


Heather said...

Welcome home!

Chrissy y Keith said...

Welcome back! it does seem to be forever that you have been gone. I started reading your blog just before you left. Bummer about the fish, but at least the birds had a fine snack. Nothing goes to waste in nature. Relax and enjoy. Donate some of your kitchen stuff to the church, after you start using your enamel cast iron stuff, you will turn up your nose to everything else.

Tina said...

Welcome back--hope the healing balm of San Miguel works even MORE magic for you both.

Barbara H said...

Glad you are back.
As I was reading your post about buying books and things for the kitchen, I was thinking about all the things that fill my kitchen to overflowing. One of my favorites is the book Chocolate & Zucchini by Clotilde Dusoulier. It is a good cook book, and reading it is like visiting France. Clotilde also has a blog.
Looking forward to seeing. Barbara

Cheryl said...

Billie, I have never written before, just enjoyed reading your blog for a couple of years. I am glad that you guys are back in SMA. We live in Dallas, but will retire to SMA in a few years.
Is is hard for you to leave your children and grandchildren? I have 3 kids, my oldest just got married and I expect that about the time that we are ready to move, she will get pregnant (on purpose I'm sure!). Do your children get to come visit frequently?
I have to say, I am so excited about moving to SMA, I just LOVE it there, but am a little concerned about leaving family behind.

Babs said...

Soooooooo glad you and Ned are home! Todd and Shannon from Patzcauro said to tell you "Hi" and they'll see you on their next trip here.

Brenda said...

Glad you are back home and hope all goes well for you.

Calypso said...

Good to read about your return home - will be heading back to Mexico in a couple weeks too.

Good news too about Ned's dealing with chemo -

Have great fun now!

Billie said...

Thanks to all of you for your welcomes home. We are soooo glad to be here.

Barbara, I'll have to look into that cookbook. Sounds interesting.

Cheryl, You bring up a good question about the grandchildren. I'll write a blog entry about that subject in a few days.

DanaJ said...

I thought the question about family and grandkids was pertinent to many people's situation.

Looking forward to your blog about it.

Glenda said...


Welcome home from one of your frequent lurkers.

I'm so sorry that your trip to the States was a bit more...eventful...than you and Ned expected. Gracias a Dios that he got good results on his chemo .

I know how good it feels to come back to SMA from a regular trip to the States. You must feel doubly relieved.


Glenda R.

glorv1 said...

Glad to hear you home safe and sound. Oh by the way, I went out and bought the heaviest Food Network cast iron cookware I could find. It is life warranty and I could barely carry it to the car. hehehe. I've yet to use it. :D Glad all is okay.

Mexico Cooks! said...

It's so good to read your posts from home, rather than from away-from-home.

I'm drooling over that red pot. One just like it is on my list for the next time we go to the States.

Hugs to you both!

Anonymous said...

Glad you and Ned are back home!

We look forward to seeing you in January. We just returned from a three week trip to Puerto Morelos. We have only been home about 36 hours and we already miss Mexico.

Take care.

Bob y Sam

Robin in Atlanta said...

Billie, so glad to read that you and Ned are back home in SMA again! Nothing is more cathartic than being where you love, with the one you love! I'm sure with that new Lodge red pot you will be making many wonderful comidas now that you 2 are home where you belong! All the best, Robin