Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Jonathan's Restaurant

Last night we met Pam and Jim at Jonathan's Rub Restaurant for dinner. We've been to Jonathan's before but it was so good that we wanted to go back. I can't say that about a lot of the new restaurants we've tried on this stay in Houston. We also wanted to introduce our friends to the restaurant. Jonathan met us at the door like we were old friends. Soon after we arrived he was busy with his helpers in the tiny kitchen that opens to the restaurant. That's Jonathan in the white cap.

This time I had a Chilean sea bass that was as flaky and succulent as any fish I've ever had. Everyone at our table raved about what they ordered. And this food is prepared in a very unassuming tiny restaurant tucked in at the end of an old strip shopping center. It may hold 10 tables. It is BYOB place with a $5 corkage fee. Most of the entrees come with a salad and two sides. The sides are fabulous. I can personally rave about the cheesy creamy grits and the spinach and greens saute.

We arrived at 6:00 PM on a Tuesday. I know that is early but there are usually people waiting to get in...even on a Tuesday. By 6:15 the place was full. know I'm thinking I shouldn't put this on the blog and tell anymore people about this place. I might not be able to get in at all next time.


Jan said...

It sounds like you are having a wonderful time and making the very best of it. Good for you! Bon apetit.

DanaJ said...

10 tables! My kind of place. Could you talk him into a heart of the EastEnd location? I read the
B4U Eat reviews...he has quite a following.
Thanks for the restaurant tip,Billie.

Billie said...

Jan, I agree that we are doing well thanks to all our family and good friends.

Dana, I don't know if he would move away from his current customer base or not. They all seem very loyal. But then the food is really good. Let me know what you think if you try it.

pitchertaker said...

I know this comment is not about the food -- I'd love try this place -- but the image just has the look of an image from the 5D2. The colors are just so natural.

Billie said...

pitchertaker, I did have to do some balance. There was quite a bit of green light in there. In a way it seems just a touch blue to me now but anything else and it goes off in another direction that isn't good at all. But the camera is damn good.

Heather said...

Sounds like a great place! You always find great restaurants. Wish I lived near you so I could have all the tips on where to go.

Susan said...

Hi Billie - Thanks for sharing this place! Next time we find ourselves on that side of town, we'll try it out for sure. Also, I wanted you to know that I ended up getting the T1i this past Sunday. I've been having so much fun playing with my new toy...thanks for inspiring me to get back into the fun of photography.

Robert said...

i read your blog regularly and almost always enjoy it!

since i live in houston your insights into whats good around town are very helpful. i grew up in a restaurant so to me home cooking is the special of the day.

but, i an still trying to figure out if you are part of the SM foodie gang or the SM photog gang or both. maybe the food for photos sub-gang?

keep up the good work.


Billie said...

Susan, I'm sure you will enjoy that camera. Let me know/see some of your images.

revbob, Here is where I fall in the GANGS OF SMA.
Sorry to disappoint you.