Saturday, June 06, 2009

Sound Bites - SoFoBoMo

I'm starting to put the finishing touches to The Book and as I went through writing down the text pages I still needed, it dawned on me that in a real book there are a lot of white pages and text at the beginning of a book but with an ebook or pdf photography book you start to get tired of clicking through "that stuff" to get to the meat of the book.

When I am holding a new photography book in my hand I find a comfortable place to settle in where I will not be distracted. With the book in my hand there is sensory perception. I like feeling the weight of the book and touching the papers. I am paying attention to the fonts and the way the text is laid out on the page. I look forward to reading the essay and the artist's statement to build the anticipation of the photographs I am about to see. I tend to stare at each image and sometimes touch the page as if I can feel the texture of of an object.

With an ebook . . . my eye jumps through the text of an essay and the artist's statement. And then how long do I look at each image . . . 5 seconds, click, 5 seconds, click . . .

The next ebook . . . I need to think more about text sound bites. They are just right for "5 seconds, click."

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glorv1 said...

Looking forward to your completed book. Have a great week. I hope your husband is doing well and you too.