Monday, June 01, 2009

Still working - SoFoBoMo

What happened to last week? It flew by. There is lots of unexpected personal stuff going on but I haven't given up on Sofobomo. One way or another I'm going to finish a book even if it isn't the book I originally envisioned.

I've finished the photography except for maybe another shot or two for a bridge from one area of the book to another. All the images have been processed through Photoshop and saved at 300 dpi so I can come back and use them for a hold-in-your-hand book. Now I'm resizing and dropping them into a template because I want a white border. But of course, that takes some time. My goal is to finish that today. But one thing I have found is that my images have quite a bit of detail and I think they loose too much of that detail at 72 dpi. They start to look a little choppy. So I'm using 100 dpi and hoping that the size of the book will be okay for posting to the Sofobomo website.

I started looking at some of the books that have already been finished. Wow! Now I've stopped looking at them until I get mine finished because first of all it takes up the time that I need to finish my own book. Secondly, looking at them keeps giving me new ideas and I hardly have time to complete the book as it is.

The agapanthus image for this entry doesn't mean anything except I shot it while I was shooting for the book. Time to get back to work.


glorv1 said...

I look forward to seeing your completed book also. I'm sure it will be a winner. Take care.

pitchertaker said...

That's the right attitude -- geterdone!