Saturday, May 16, 2009

Disconnected - SoFoBoMo

Finally I'm connected again. For some reason we couldn't stay connected to the internet since last Tuesday here in Houston. It seemed that everything I wanted to do, I needed to access the internet. In addition I've had problems with the connection of the monitor. I have been stressed to the Max. Add to that, it is time to get on with SoFoBoMo. I've been out to shoot on a couple of ideas that I have and I'm probably going to settle for the one that will easier to get to more often while we are in the middle of our trip back to Texas to see family. However, I think I will also shoot on the second idea which could develop into something interesting over several visits to Texas. I'll announce more about my SoFoBoMo project next week.


Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to learning about your new projects and seeing them!

Bill O.

Billie said...

I was out and about this morning working on THE project. I hope it will turn out decently. It is good to have encouragement from you.

glorv1 said...

I love that house Billie and I'm glad things are up and running again. You know something, I remember when I first started coming to your blog last year around the middle of the year or so, you mentioned in one of your posts Zarela. I read your post very carefully and said to myself, hey I have to look her up and get some recipes. So it was YOU who introduced me to the name. Thank you Billie, I really appreciate it. Continued good luck on your excellent project. YOU CAN DO IT!