Friday, May 01, 2009

1,700 New Cases of H1N1 Flu

WOW! That title got your attention didn't it? I just thought I'd join up with all the media that is using headline noise, not news, to get your attention. Actually here is the report.

There will be about 1,700 U.S. cases of the new H1N1 flu, aka "swine flu," in the next four weeks under a worst-case scenario, according to a research team's new simulations. And a second team working independently, about 200 miles away, on exactly the same question came up with a similar forecast.

Now remember this is forecast. And remember that the USA has 300 million people. 1700 new flu cases out of a population of more than 300 million. What are the chances of you being in a car wreck in the next four weeks? What do you think? Better? Worse?

I'm not minimizing the dangers. Governments should be tracking the spread of the disease, ramping up research and working on vaccines because history has taught us that viruses can change and recycle. So we do need to be ready. Still, we have just got to get some perspective on this flu thing. So far there haven't been any confirmed cases of H1N1 flu in San Miguel.

The camera and I went for a walk today. The town is still very quiet. This is Mexican labor day and it would normally be a long weekend with a lot of Mexican tourists. I don't think the tourist are here. Bars are suppose to be closed but restaurants can be open. The pharmacies now have signs outside that say they don't have masks or hand santizer or whatever. I saw fewer people wearing masks than yesterday and today I only saw one taxi driver with a mask on.

Life goes on and tonight we are going to one of our favorite small restaurants in a courtyard for dinner.

The image? It's another one of a doorway in my colonia.


Lynne said...

Billie, our trip is still on after being reassured by my MIL. I heard the Tuesday market was cancelled and I was bummed about that. Maybe they'll decide to have it by then. We hear on our news that there "are no new reported cases" from Mexico. That is indeed good news!

My friend who is housesitting for us while we are gone now has a 24 hour bug or something. Hope she doesn't have the flu! ;) I figure we can get it just as easily here than there!

Arriving on Sunday! (not flying through Mexico City)

Lynne who can't decide how many lenses to bring...

Billie said...

Lynne, Just choose one or two lenses and enjoy SMA. I always figure it is a challenge to shoot with the lens that is on the camera. And more and more it is either the holga lens cap or the 24mm 2.8 lens. With the 24 I can shoot from the hip if I need to. I use to use the 24-105 lens a lot but decided it is heavy to carry all day and it looks so big and expensive. I find it easier to keep a lower profile. You'll find us in the Juarde if you have time to call and say hello. We might even get together for a cup of coffee.

Calypso said...

Amiga - you might call the restaurant - everything here is closed except essential services - all restaurants - closed.

Billie said...

Calpyso, Ned went by there today. It is open as are most of the restaurants in town. Especially those that are in courtyards. But thanks for the suggestion.

Lynne said...

Billie, so the Juarde is a restaurant? Which part of town? Rick's cousin lives near the park and I'm not certain just where his folks are.

I was going to bring my 75-300 just because I love to zoom in on things. It's heavy tho, that's true. I am just afraid I will be sorry if I leave it behind.

Billie said...

Lynne, The Juarde is the ex-pat phone book. Most of us have one of them. I shouldn't have spouted off about the lenses. Everyone shoots in their own style, so if y ou like using the 75-300 by all means bring it.