Saturday, April 04, 2009

Viernes de Dolores

Last night was a Semana Santa celebration that is not very well known in other parts of Mexico but in Guanajuato it is known as Friday of Our Lady of Sorrows. While most of Easter is celebrated with great public pagents, Viernes de Dolores is much more personal. Altars are built in homes and stores and the fountains around the city are decorated.

The altars are very personal in each home as the home owner uses their own religious objects. Pre-hispanic symbols are incorporated in the altars such as grains and beans. All of the altars will have the tearful virgin and some will include Jesus on the cross. The creators of the altar will usual offer those who visit a fruit drink to symbolize the Virgin's tears. But more and more we are seeing small sorbets on a stick like a popsicle. In the Centro the altars are more elaborate and the crowds and lines are long. You may also see some very unique and antique santos. We like to stay in our Colonia to commemorate Viernes de Dolores.

The first altar was just across the street from us. The second was about two blocks away. This last one is just a few doors up from us, next door to the barbershop.


Joanna said...

I'm glad to learn more about this celebration of Our Lady of Sorrows. I saw some shrines last year in Alamos and it seemed they were remembering especially mothers who had lost children. Your photos are lovely.

Joanna said...
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Howard Grill said...

Beautiful photos. It must be wonderful to live where there is such a depth to tradition and where that tradition is displayed in such a rich and colorful way.