Thursday, April 30, 2009


Yesterday Ned and I headed off for our respective exercise plans. Bellas Artes for a yoga class for me and the gym for Ned. Both places were closed by the direction of Civil Protection. The streets were very quiet. I would say that on the street one person in fifty was wearing a mask although most of the cab drivers that passed by were wearing them.

This is the Mexican Labor Day weekend but all public events are closed from May 1 through May 5. Ana Marie Salazar writes in her blog Mexico Today:

That the federal government will close down all non essential activities. Sooooo: The police, army, hospitals, doctors and other essential services will be provided …and the federal government is asking state governments to also start a partial shutdown of local governments.

The schools are closed in San Miguel but it doesn't feel like a school holiday. The kids aren't out on the streets playing. I've heard from friends who are involved in the tourist business in one way or another. Everything they had booked has been cancelled. They have had to let employees go. Another quote from Mexico Today:

Jesús Kumate said the epidemic could affect the country for at least a year, since there are relapses or renewed outbreaks… He said that in the case of influenza, the renewed outbreaks occur every two months, or what could happen also is that the virus could mutate yet again over that year.

While I have some concern about getting the swine flu, I'm mostly depressed about the personal economic blow that most Mexicans are facing.

If you aren't already reading Mexico Today, you should add it to your blog list to get a great daily overview of the Mexican news especially during this flu crisis.

Another blog that is reporting on the flu in Mexico City is a Midwesterner in Mexico. Her blog today gives the facts as well as personal reactions.


American Mommy in Mexico said...

I also am so concerned about the Mexican people and the economic impact.

When we arrived at La Manzanilla today, I was quite surprised that all restaurants closed except for take out. OMG.

Peggy said...

This is just to say Hola. I just started blogging and in looking for those of similar interests found your blog. We summer in SMA and will hopefully be there again July 1 for 3 months. I say hopefully because of the scare about the Swine Flu. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I will attempt to read some of the other Mexico blogs. We rent a house in La Lejona.

Mexico Cooks! said...

Life in Morelia today is just as weird as life in San Miguel. Today, there has been no street sound at all--no traffic noise, no sirens, no gas trucks, no church bells, nothing--in this city of a million people. All schools, museums, churches, and most other tourism-related sites are shuttered. No children play in the park across the street. Only essential businesses are open. Judy says it feels like that Steven King novel, The Stand.

I was in Mexico City from last Thursday the 23rd until Sunday night the 26th, just as this whole thing was breaking. Mexico Cooks! this Saturday will be a personal reflection on all of it.

Billie, you are so right: the biggest toll from this situation is economic. So many of our friends here, both Mexican and foreign, are hit so desperately.

You and Ned take good care of one another till we see you.


The Bloom Girls said...

Hi Billie,

I am so hopeful this will pass soon. My heart goes out to the Mexican people and the impact this will have on the economy.

Please be safe and thank you for your posts keeping your followers abreast of current conditions.

Warmest regards,
Nola @ The Bloom Girls
Nashville, TN

Joanna said...

The LA Times quotes scientists as saying this flu is milder than first thought. Hopefully Mexico can get through this and be back to normal soon. You're all in our thoughts.

Cynthia said...

According to the news last night, it should be over fairly quickly. They said that even though the numbers of confirmed cases are climbing, it is only because the test results take time: two days for local test to be run then if all strains of "other" flu are ruled out, the results are sent off for a two to three day testing in another facility. They said the numbers of sick are actually going down in Mexico.

Also interesting are the theories as to why this flu seems to skip over older people. One theory is that we have built up immunity over the years that protects us from the severe cases of this flu.

Hopefully, the summer will be prosperous for all in Mexico. Too much bad publicity for one year!

Take care.