Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hot Time in the Old Town Today

Even at 9:00 AM when I'm walking into the centro to go to yoga, it is hot but at that time of the day there are a few shadows that you can slip into as you walk to your destination. By 10:00 AM the sun is already pretty much overhead and the shadows are few and far between. It just gets hotter through the day.

At night, the fan is on and the windows are open but it is warm. In just a couple of week's time, it seems like we went from sleeping under covers to throwing off even a sheet during the night.

It is going to be like this and even hotter through May. We have seen days reach 100 degrees in May. I don't care that it is a dry heat....it is still hot. In the last few years when some of the gringos build a new house they are installing air conditioners for their bedrooms. The cost of electricity here is high, very high compared to what we paid for it in Houston. I don't know how they can afford the cost but then there are a lot of gringos here who have bigger pockets than we do.

We have very comfortable weather most of the year but April and May isn't comfortable. The gringo residents head for the beaches or back to the States for family visits.....where they can find cooler weather or air-conditioning. San Miguel is pretty quiet during May. Restaurants take this time to close for remodeling or for taking vacations.

In June the sun is beginning to drop a little lower in the sky during the day and if God smiles on us, the rains will come. The country side will begin to turn green. The air will be cooler. The gringo residents and the tourists will return and all will be right in San Miguel.


Steve Cotton said...

And here I am -- concerned that we are going to hit snow in the highlands of Oregon and Nevada on the trip down. We even had snow in the hills outside of Salem last night. Of course, my heat in Melaque will not be dry heat. Ask me about the snow in a month or two.

Joanna said...

It's lovely to read about the heat and imagining what it would be like to feel too hot outside. Our furnace is still on and it's just above freezing in the morning. I didn't realize that April was so hot in San Miguel. We were there in February a few years ago and it was quite cool.

Billie said...

Joanna, the weather change is rather abrupt. It is hot now but May will be hotter. February is always nice. Warm in the middle of the day and cold nights.

Shirley said...

Ah, but June. June is magical in SMA. Had my first visit last year and am still thinking about it.

Mexico Cooks! said...

This time of year, I've been known to say, "It's hotter than hell outside."

Judy always counters with, "Hell is hot, but is it humid?"

I can't vouch for hell, but fortunately, it's not humid here in Morelia. Morelia is also not as hot as San Miguel, for some reason. Our recent highs have been around 84°F.

Billie, did you get your peruanos, or was it too hot to go to the market this morning?


Billie said...

I did go to the tianguis yesterday and I do have 1/2 kilo peruanos. I'm ready to roll just need to know how you cooked the beans.