Friday, April 10, 2009

Holy Thursday

Thursday evening we went into the centro to visit the churches. The town is packed with Mexican tourist. There are lots of families with small children and lots of cars. It is a good indication that there is a growing middle class in Mexico.This Thursday is known as Holy Thursday and it commemorates when Jesus had the Last Supper with his disciples, when he washed the feet of his disciples, when Judas betrayed him, and when he prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane. All of the churches were open except the Parroquia. Ned and I, along with the Mexicans were out visiting each of the beautifully decorated churches. Some of the churches had removed benches to make room for the throngs of visitors. The church along the side of the Parroquia had cleared almost everything out so that all of the lanterns and saints, readied for the Good Friday procession, could be staged. Many people were in that church stopping at each saint to pray. However, all of the churches had a steady stream of people going through them. Many stopped to buy the tiny rolls of bread as a symbol of the Last Supper.

After visiting the churches we went to the Sunset bar to watch the sunset and then we lingered long enough to watch the full moon come up. When we came back on the street there were even more people in the streets. Traffic around the centro was almost in gridlock although the Transito Police were doing their best. Overall though, it was a religious event, a family time, a quiet evening.


Steve Cotton said...

I hope I will be able to experience Easter in Mexico next year.

Lynne said...

Love the second photo. Looking at it I wonder at what woes these two women are grieving over. Lost loved ones?

I found your blog by googling blogs of San Miguel as we are due to visit my husband's folks (who have just moved there from NM) in early May. I am still researching into why this village has so enchanted them them that they are moving there after only a few short weeks of "visiting."

Not always from NJ, most recently living in CO for over 30 years.

Keep up the great work!