Monday, March 09, 2009

Wonder Bollos

I found this package of hamburger buns in the back of the drawer were we keep bread. They look fine, no mold on them anywhere and while firm they still have spring when you press them with your finger. Guess what the package if consumed by November 15, 2008. November 15? That was almost four months ago. What in God's name did they put in these buns? I wonder if I eat of enough of them if they will preserve me from inside out? Oh, well, the package does say Wonder Bollos.


Babs said...

How funny! Maybe you've found the "fountain of youth", ha.

Ken & Carol said...

I wonder what "Bollos" means in English?

Rooster said...

That's both gross and amazing! Sure does make you wonder what you put in your body. At least it's a product that does live up to it's name!
Thanks for sharing, Billie!

Billie said...

Bollos in English is Roll or Bun.

This bollo makes me think I better start making my own bread! What if the "preservative" preserved the body but pickled the brain. I want both of them to go down at the same time.

jillian said...

reminds me of the last few minutes of Supersize Me in which a McMeal is in as pristine condition as the day it was purchased (weeks? later) while a home cooked burger and fries is naturally moldy and putrid. What is in that stuff?!

glorv1 said...

As soon as I read your post I cracked up laughing. Send some of that bread over here.:) Better check it over good before you eat it though. November was LAST YEAR. Have a great week, that is....unless you eat the bread...who knows.:):)