Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Lot Going On

There has been a lot going on since I blogged on Tuesday. We went ran errands in the car on Tuesday. We don't usually get the car out but this time it was needed. First a stop at Soriana to get wine. We could have gotten wine in a lot of other places but since we were driving past Soriana to get to another place we were going to, why not stop.

As a side note, we are seeing the price of imported wines increase due to the peso being down. I've been thinking that we wouldn't feel the peso being at 14 to 15 to the dollar because we weren't planning on buying appliances or things like that. I didn't think about wine. Now it is definitely going to affect my pocketbook. Still, the Chilean and Argentinean wines are a good value even at the increase in price.

A stop to fill up the car with gas. Then a stop at the locksmiths. We wanted to see the lock that the locksmith had talked to us about installing. The locksmith's shop sells locks, keys and cleaning supplies. The locksmith is a woman and she was out on calls but the interesting thing was that there were no locks in the shop. The salesperson got her on the phone and she said she would bring the locks to the house later in the afternoon. You think this is unusual? NOT. Things like this happen all the time.

From there we headed across the highway to mail a birthday card to Dexter who will be four in a couple of days and then on to the Tuesday Tianguis. I love the Tianguis. There is no seeming order to the layout of stalls but most of the time the same vendor is in the same place. We bought a new gold fish and two algae eaters for the pond, some fruits and vegetables, chicken breasts, and then a kilo of shrimp. I think that the shrimp that we buy in the Tianguis are better than shrimp I've bought anywhere else. Not just here in Mexico but in the USA as well. They are just delicious. Then we had to have chorizo tacos while we were buying some chorizo for breakfast. Mmm....delicious.

A friend sent us some photographs of a litter of three puppies that were abandoned. One was really cute with a white face, chest and front paws. She was a San Miguel dog, a mutt but she was really cute. I have to admit I thought about going over to see her but I don't think either of us is quite ready. I haven't been sleeping well and I keep thinking I hear Taylor moving around on his bed and I look over to check on him. I've made a list of things we 'want' in another dog....short coat, small dog, etc. I don't think she fits any of them but she is cute.

On Wednesday...out to the campo to be the librarian at a little school. Dinner with friends a couple of nights and a pot luck luncheon yesterday. Every minute that I wasn't doing this 'stuff', I have been sitting at my computer trying to figure out all the techincal issues for doing Solo Foto Book Month. More about that in another blogging entry. A lot going on....some physical but a lot of it is mental and that always just wears me out.


glorv1 said...

Hey that's great that you are making all these plans. Keeps you busy. I love those hollyhocks. Are they yours. I have lots of hollyhocks and I am always trading seeds, if you ever want to, let me know. I can send you some of my hollyhock seed after they seed if you'd like. I hope when the time comes you find the right family member pet. No one can ever replace Taylor, but really it helps to have another little 4 legged creature tugging at your heartstrings. Take care and have a great weekend.

Islagringo said...

You two certainly do keep yourselves busy! Tires me out just reading it!

Billie said...

Gloria, they are not my hollyhocks and actually the photograph wasn't even made in Mexico. We have so much shade in our patio that I can't grow them.

Wayne, Ah, come on. I read your blog. It isn't like you are sitting around either. Isn't it fun!