Friday, March 06, 2009


Remember the lazy days of summer
When you were a kid
Time seemed to stretch without end
You could read a book or make paper doll dresses or....
Or you could lay in the grass and stare at the sky
Watch clouds
Dream daydreams
Float between heaven and earth

Time suspended
Found again in retirement
No need to start the day in a rush
Wake up without an agenda
Easy stretches to test the body
Feel the sheets cool and warm at the same time
The room subdued in shadow
The morning light dancing across the wall
Softly pushing out the night
Hear the muffled sounds of morning
Telling of the life outside the walls
No rush to join the day

Time no longer stretches without end
You know that now
But you can forget
For a while in the morning
Snug in the bed
The lazy days of summer return
You can float between heaven and earth
And dream daydreams


Babs said...

Beautiful Billie......thanks for making my day!

Steve said...

Very well-constructed. Prosetry, I think.

1st Mate said...

I think knowing that time has an end for us makes it even sweeter. Thanks for sharing your daydreams.

Islagringo said...

Did you write that!? It is wonderful. If you are trying your already talented hand at something new, it's working!

Billie said...

1st Mate you are right. Each moment is so very precious.

Wayne, I'm just doodling. But thank you.

Billie said...

Steve, I have no idea if there is any name for doodling.

Cynthia said...


glorv1 said...

That was very nice Billie. It really relaxed me. You are very talented. A great photographer, a wonderful hostess, and now writing has entered the "picture." Great work. Take care and have a great Sunday.

Alfredo said...


You are a "poetisa" and don't know it...perhaps sense it. What you write is just beautiful. Me encanta.

Saludos cordiales,


I'ts Cosmic Rock... said...

You took the wprds right out of my mouth!