Monday, February 02, 2009

Plant Sale

This morning I walked over to Parque Juarez for the Candelaria Plant Sale. It is beautiful to walk the winding paths through the park past thousands of plants. Plants of all kinds. But what was even better was to have my camera and just get into seeing, and into a kind of flow where everything but the visual moment melts away. At one point I sat on some steps for a long time just watching what passed by. It was really quite magically. I came away refreshed, energerized and yet quite peaceful.


Steve Cotton said...

To be in The Moment -- to be The Moment.

Tina said...

Oh, I was hoping you'd have Candelaria photos! We are hurrying back to SMA so we can enjoy it and find some gorgeous additions for our courtyard. OK, back to packing!

glorv1 said...

That is one of ways to really enjoy what is around you. Watching things happen and taking pictures mentally. Have a great Tuesday Billie.