Sunday, February 22, 2009

Adobe Security and Other Computer Stuff

I can't add a photo to the blog today because I'm in the midst of changing over to a new computer and photos are still on the old one. I've always used a computer tech to set up and get a new computer rolling but this time I'm trying it on my own. Although I did have my tech check out the computer overall before I brought it down to Mexico. What made me think I could do this was I read about the Windows Easy Transfer Program and so I thought that meant EASY.

I knew that the transfer program really only transferred data not application programs so after putting off doing this for almost a month, yesterday I finally started the process.

Of course my most important program to get up and running is Photoshop CS3 (haven't bought CS4 yet). Adobe allows you to have CS3 on two machines. I have it on the laptop and the desktop. I knew that the program called home everytime you started up to ask for permission to open the program but, just to test it, I installed it on the new machine. It installed just fine but when it started asking for serial numbers, it stopped. Adobe said, "Billie, you know you are only allowed to have this on two computers. If you want to use it on this computer, you will have to deactivate it one of your computers....otherwise, NO! You can NOT open it on this machine." Okay, already! I went over and clicked the appropriate clicks to deactivate it on one. Back to the CS3 on the new machine and Adobe said, "Congratulations, now you can activate CS3 on this computer. Remember, we are watching you all of the time, day and night."

The other software that I was worried about was the software for the Epson 4000 printer. The new computer is a Vista 64 bit machine and I'd heard horror stories about getting things to work with Vista 64. Besides the printer is a bit temperamental so I was expecting problems. I went to the Epson download site and downloaded all the appropriate stuff. So far it looks like everything is working just fine. Whew, that is a relief.

At anyrate, yesterday I put my application software on the new computer with few problems. Now it was time to use Windows Easy Transfer. The computer came with a brochure on how to use it. By the way the computer was made in Mexico and the brochure was printed in Mexico. The brochure seemed simple enough but just to be sure I googled 'Windows Easy Transfer' and even went to Microsoft's website. I wanted to read several sources before I started. Confusing. Even Microsoft had several versions of how to use the program. As instructed I loaded the program on the old computer and started out trying to use it. A couple of things just didn't make sense. I stopped. I went back to Microsoft and re-read several of their instructions. One of them seems to make sense from what I encountered last night so today I'm going to give it another try. I'd like to use it because if I understand the information correctly it will also transfer the kind of hidden data like Photoshop preferences and actions and that will definitely make it easier to be sure I get everything over to the new computer.

One way or another today, the data is moving to the new computer. My mantra today is, "Be calm. You can do this, you can do this. Be calm.


Nancy said...

Good luck, Billie. These things are always more complicated than they appear at first. But you'll get it!

Kate I said...

Hi Billie, I've been reading your blog for awhile and just had to reply to this post - I had such a laugh over the Photoshop instructions! I just bought a new laptop too and used the Easy Transfer program which worked fine except for my preferences - actions, brushes and fonts that I had downloaded. I have Photoshop Elements, which may be differnt in the way it transfers information.

I'm presently in Nayarit (Rincon de Guayabitos) and my husband and I are heading up to San Miguel next week for a two week stay. We were there several years ago and loved it! It's a beautiful part of Mexico.

Good luck with the transfer!

Paul said...

Bille, I am very happy to say that I'm a Mac owner and moving things over is as simple as dragging and dropping. No registry blues. Microsoft could learn a thing or two from Apple!

Good luck to you, my friend.

dsr said...

Billie: I upgraded to a 64-bit windows box this past month too. Mostly smooth sailing.... Mostly. Some things are infuriating though. Don't get me started.... DSR

Cynthia said...

I wish you the best.

Are you drinking wine while doing this? If not, give it a try. Really helps!

Alan said...

Buy a Mac. It will prevent intestinal bleeding and other fun things you experience on Windows Whatever.

Babs said...

You are MORE then AMAZING! I wouldn't even know how to begin - heck I can't figure out how to set up the blogroll yet! Ha.

Billie said...

Kate I, send me an email and maybe we can get together for coffee while you are in SMA.

Cynthia, I tried wine. I felt really good but the computer was still cranky. I wonder if I should pour a bit of wine on top of the computer.

Thanks for all your comments. I didn't crash the computer but I'm not home free.