Wednesday, January 07, 2009

San Martin de Porres

One of the things that keeps me photographing in Mexico are the dichotomies that I run into all of the time. It is the old and the new mixed together. It is the refined and the commonplace side by side.

The other night when I was in the Oratorio church I was walking around looking at the saints when I came on San Martin de Porres. It was a beautiful statue of a black or mulatto priest. At least that is what I thought but my research found a lot more about him. He was from Lima, Peru and his clothing indicates a friar rather than a priest. He cared for the poor and sick and he was also known for communicating with animals.

So it isn't really surprising that I would find a dog and a cat (which you can't see) in the enclosed case with him but what is surprising is that San Martin is a refined and finished sculpture and the dog is....I guess you could say "folk art." He is whimsical and adorable but such a contrast to San Martin.

The orange ball....I'm not sure what that means. In fact I'm not sure if it is a orange ball or just an orange.


Carlos Ponce-Melendez said...

Billie, I like your pictures but I like your comments even more. You have a very good attitud toward other cultures.

Billie said...

Carlos, that is the nicest thing you could write to me. Thank you.