Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I can't believe I had another birthday yesterday and that this is the end of 2008. It has flown by....maybe because I spent almost two months of it down with a broken ankle. And when I look back I see we did a bit of traveling; Merida, Guatemala, Mexico City, Uruapan, Patzcuaro two times, and back to Texas three times. Of course world events have been coming at us faster than I ever thought possible.

Usually I make a list of things I'd like to work on during the year. If I made one last year I can't find it but I don't think I would have many things to check off because I don't feel like I accomplished much. I feel a little ambiguous about making a list for 2009. Already 2009 seems overwhelming and yet I'm looking at it with hope for our family, for my country and for Mexico.

Personally I have so much for which to be thankful. One of the things that I'm thankful for is the amazing people I've met though blogging.

Ned and I wish all of you bloggers and blog readers a healthy and happy 2009.


Alfredo said...

Billie, Ned, you two have a wonderful ¡Felíz Año Nuevo!

Nancy said...

All the best to you and Ned in the new year...and I am sure you accomplished A LOT in 2008 and will again in 2009.

It really does feel like 2009 is going to be a very special year, with lots more optimism than usual.


Heather said...

Happy New Year! My DH asked me last night if I had any new year's resolutions. I said mine was to have two healthy babies. I think if I accomplish that one thing, I will have had a great year. And with other good changes at work for me, I'm looking forward to 2009 being better than 2008.

Bob Mrotek said...

Happy Birthday Billie! I pray that you, Ned, and my little doggie friend Taylor will have a wonderful 2009. Hope to see you all again soon :)

Cynthia said...

Wishing you and Ned the best in 2009. Happy Birthday too! You have lots to celebrate this time of year.

I am so glad to know you and so happy that you write this blog and display your uniquely beautiful images for all to see. Can't imagine my mornings without a cup of coffee and billieblog.

Hope to see you soon!

Brenda said...

All the best in the New Year.

dsr said...

And happy new year to you and Ned too! Best for 2009!

glorv1 said...

Happy New Year Billie and thank you for all the outstanding photography. Also a very Happy Birthday to you. Be well and prosper. Viva La Vida

Islagringo said...

Wishing you both the best ever year to come.