Thursday, November 06, 2008

Time Sorts Things Out

When I first bring in images and upload them to the computer or scan holga negatives, I always label or mark a bunch of them that I want to process. Since August I've gotten behind in processing them. So much has happened.....Guatemala, Texas, Mexican Independence Day, the San Miguel festival, and now Day of the Dead in Michoacan. Lots of Gigbytes of stuff. I haven't worked on many of them so today I was looking back through these folders and the labels on the ones I want to process was reduced. Once I get away from the excitement of the event and I can look at the file more objectively, it is easier to discard the almost-but-not-quite-good-enough image. This is a good thing but it is a little depressing too. So many don't stand the test of a little time. Why do I shoot so many almost-but-not-quite-good enough images?

This beautiful lady was just coming into the cemetery in Ihuatzio.


Islagringo said...

Because no one is perfect.

Steven Roll (travelojos AT said...

Another terrific pic. I have to admit that some of your photos are so vivid that I have trouble concentrating on the written portion of your posts. (But for the record, I read billieblog for the "articles").

Do you have a photostream on Flicker? I've noticed that there are some really great photographers on Flicker that live in Mexico and allow their pics to be used on a for attribution basis on other people's blogs and Web sites.

Steve Roll said...

Oh... I just noticed your Flickr widget. Please be patient with me while a figure all of this Web stuff out.

glorv1 said...

I think all your photos are beautifully taken. You've caught the beauty of this woman'smiling creased face. You can actually see the strands of gray hair neatly nestled on whats left of the black. The yellow of the flowers only helps to enhance the color of her skin. I love it. She is beautiful. By the way, her eyes tell a story. Thx for sharing.