Sunday, November 09, 2008

Fotos Finished

Yes, it is a Jack O'Lantern on the grave decorated for Dias de los Muertos. We are seeing more and more crossover of our US Halloween customs. At one place, Uricho, the families were coming into the church courtyard with their young children dressed in typical Halloween costumes.

At any rate, I've had time to work through the digital files and I've put up the ones that interested me on Flickr. When I worked in the darkroom I did something of the same thing. I'd mark the negatives that looked like they had some possibilities and then make quick prints that I'd stick up around the room for a while or maybe leave them in a stack and sort and resort. In the end, there would be another serious edit where I'd decide which ones to spend the time on trying to make into serious prints.

I don't like what Flickr does to a "slideshow." It seems to stretch the photo to fit the screen. Nevertheless, if you want to take a look at my photographs from Dias de los Muertos go here.


Calypso said...

GREAT job on the slide show! I posted it in the Viva Veracruz Forum - a must see.

Gracias Amiga!

glorv1 said...

Hi Billie. I will go see your photos on Flickr. This one is really nice but you know the despite the mask from Halloween, I think that everyone knows what the real meaning of El Dia is. Thx for sharing your magnificent photos.