Wednesday, October 01, 2008

San Miguel Fair

Every year San Miguel has a month long fair during the San Miguel Festival. It is like a county fair. When we went on Sunday afternoon we seemed to be the only gringos there. The crowds were huge and long lines formed for the most popular rides. The food courts were still busy even though it was more or less at the end of time for comida. It is expensive for families to go. The entry fee is 25 pesos/person. That lets you ride most of the rides but there are some special rides that cost more. Food of course is extra and so is entertainment. There was a band that was attracting lots of the young people and the cost for entry was 180/pesos per person. And there were products for sale from agricultural items to pots and pans. Although the huge parking lot was full, there were still buses and taxis bringing people to the fair. As I've said before the middle class in San Miguel is growing.

There are stock shows. Lots of food booths.
And of course lots of rides.
If you want to see more photos from the fair go here.


glorv1 said...

These are excellent photos. I looked at the ones on Flickr and they are all so captivating. You are a woman of excellence. All the activities you have over there look so fun. Thx.

Islagringo said...

I thought this was going to be an animal post at first! At least I got a cow! I love Fairs. Did you see anybody selling salchipapas? I'm headed over to Flikr now to see!

(those prices would have given even me pause to gasp)

Steve Cotton said...

There is something universal about fairs. And you captured it well.

Islagringo said...

I'm back. Amazing photoing. Did you use a zoom or what? The great closeups of the bumper cars. Did you stand behind the playing area in that last shot of the baseball throwing? You are one talented lady. (but where are the rest of the animals? One measly cow!)

Billie said...

Thanks to all of you. Wayne, I was using a 24-105 f4 lens. Really much too slow a lens even though I was shooting at 1600 ISO. If I have time before the end of the fair, I'll go back with the 50 f1.2 lens and see how it works. The booth with the base ball throwing was open on the back so it was no problem to just walk back there. The day we went to the fair, there were only cows and sheep. I really liked the sheep and tried to get a good picture of one but didn't get anything I was willing to publish.