Monday, August 25, 2008

Rain Again Today

This morning it was misting....just enough to make the cobblestones slippery. A little later it stopped, the streets dried up and the sun even broke through the clouds. I went to the store to lay in supplies for dinner. Good thing I did because about 3:30 it started raining. This time it wasn't mist. We had thunder and lightning, again, so all the computer equipment was unplugged. I wonder how many continuous days of rain we have had.

My friend Deb is documenting the rising Rio Laja here.

Four years ago the floods took out the foot bridge which was the only way to get to Los Ricos because all of the low water bridges were under water. The principal at the Los Ricos school let me make a copy of her fading photograph of her crossing the Rio on what was left of the bridge. It was several months before the bridge was repaired. But she kept coming to school everyday. Talk about a dedicated educator.....

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