Friday, August 29, 2008

Blue Skies

Some sights from this morning.

Blue skies. No rain for a little more than 24 hours. Woo Hoo! We are back to San Miguel blue skies. This kind of weather energizes me. I went to yoga this morning. I couldn't resist snapping a quick image of the Monjas church as I went by on my way to Bellas Artes. Mexican Independence Day is just three weeks away. The flag vendors are on the corners and the decorations are going up in the streets. Lots of excitement coming up in September.Independence Day brings lots of tourist to San Miguel. They are going to have a difficult time getting around in town. Heck, we residents are having a hard time getting around in town. The taxis seem to have it figured out but even they can't get you to a front door on Calle Jesus.

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Deb Hall ~ Zocalo Folk Art said...

Hallelujah for blue skies!