Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Normality and Common Sense

I'm feeling a little drab. Here I've moved to another country and I'm trying to re-invent myself like many people do when they come to San Miguel de Allende but I've been accused of being NORMAL in the Gangs of San Miguel blog.

Billie Mercer in billiebog has been charged with showing that not all gang members are weirdos carrying Parasols and wearing a rug. She shows what normal people do in San Miguel.

Normal.......like average, regular, expected, familiar, predictable! NO, NO! I want to be funny, unconventional, distinctive, special, unique, even eccentric and outrageous.

Then I got an email from a blog reader that complimented me on my common sense. Now I've always thought common sense was a good thing......being levelheaded, farsighted, having good judgement, insight but it also means logical, practical and rational. Mmmmm.....always being logical or practical sounds a little boring. Sometimes being a little foolish sounds like more fun.

I wonder what I have to do to change my image.
Maybe join the face lift gang or maybe one of the hat gangs.
I'm going to have to work on this!


Deb Hall ~ Zocalo Folk Art said...

Average? boring? NEVER! But in Blog World, you are the voice of REAL people living a REAL life in San Miguel, and that's a good thing. Be proud, and go buy a new hat!

Brenda said...

I agree with Deb. I enjoy reading your blog with normal day to day events rather than one of a tourist rushing around hither and thither trying to find a "new and exciting" experience.
Don't change a thing, you are great the way you are.

jennifer rose said...

A hundred years from now, give or take a decade, I can see the bronze plaque on your house -- "Herein resided the Mercers, allegedly the last normal people in town."

Rest assured, you're not entirely normal. You and Ned do your own immigration work, just like the pioneers.

Alfredo said...

Billie, Billie and más Billie:

"I want to be funny, unconventional, distinctive, special, unique, even eccentric and outrageous". Funny you are, uncoventional, but of course after all, you are in San Miguel, distinctive too and without a hat unique sí, very much so and I bet a special grandmother, eccentric and outrageous also, moving to another country is not easy and takes outreagous personalities. Just an advice if you want to be a bit more special...do not wear tennis shoes, shorts and your camera like the rest of the tourists, lol you are not a tourist, you are a sanmiguelense and they look "muy, pero muy ordinarios/as". And don't change, get the hat but I want to keep reading your blog with the same gusto and the same common sense. Makes sense to me. Be a bit, but just a bit foolish. Gracias por querernos a los guanajuatenses.

Cordialmente desde Seattle,


Billie said...

Oh good. I'm glad that not everyone sees me as drab or normal. Maybe I can find a more outrageous me in Guatemala.

Calypso said...

Billie - Don't change a thing! If it don't need fixing...

Your stalwart presence is an island in the stream that I greatly appreciate - Don't get crazy on me now - I need you just the way you are ;-)

Leave the craziness to we less stable types ;-)

Richard said...

To be called normal in San Miguel is a bit like being called the sanest person in an asylum or the tallest pygmy. It is all a matter of degree.

But upon looking at your latest photo entries I wonder if perhaps I was hasty in calling your Normal. I wonder if you are a member of the Plant Caring Gang. This is an offshoot of the Dog Caring Gang.

Some questions to ask yourself.

Do you talk to your plants and more importantly do they talk to you?
Did you find a home for the damaged chard plant?
Have you ever set up a table in the Jardin for the abused plants of San Miguel?
Does you wallet contain pictures of your plants and your grandchildren?

Living in San Miguel is like living on the edge of a cliff. One move in the wrong direction and you have become someone else.

harvestmoon said...

Billie, you need to come down where you can really appreciate NORMAL, where the narcotraficantes are your neighbors and the ex-pats are here only to wait out statute of limitations. Ugh. We excel at saying WAY below those radars and being Very Very Normal.

The ex-pat community here is very different and I revel in our normality.