Sunday, June 08, 2008


Yesterday afternoon the clouds finally produced a cool breeze and then a soft drizzle. I was on the terrace writing in my journal and gradually the cool breeze became a cold wind and the soft drizzle became a light rain. The wind was enough to bring some of the moist air to the pages of my journal making the pages limp. I retreated to watch the rain from the studio. We had about two hours of this light rain. It made for good sleeping weather.

This morning the sky is still overcast. The colors after the rain are saturated yet different than the crisp clear colors when the sky is clear and bluer than blue. Even the sounds on this Sunday morning feel slow and soft.

I pray that this is the beginning of a good rainy season. Enough rain to nourish the crops but not enough to flood.

NOTES: The first image is in the pond with some new water plants called water lettuce. I just googled and found out that Texas doesn't want water lettuce in Texas. They are a non-native plant to Texas and are very invasive. Well they better watch their manners in my pond. I'm not going to put up with any trouble. Oh, and do you also see my two gold fish? They are still doing fine.

The second image is a bromeliad. This is the grown-up pup that has produced this gorgeous pink "flower." And there is another pup growing up just beside this one. So beautiful. I love being retired and having the time to see and enjoy life's small pleasures.


Babs said...

Ahh Billie I couldn't agree more. Isn't it wonderful to have time for contemplation and reflection and to ackowledge the things that bring joy to our lives! Retirement is SUCH a gift!

Steve Cotton said...

The juxtaposition of your last two posts is great -- as are the photographs. We actyally had a sunny day in Oregon today.

wayne said...

Too funny! I can just see you scolding that lettuce and threatening to make a salad of it!

Theresa in Mèrida said...

We bought one little water lettuce plant for our fountain, now the entire surface is covered in them. So we routinely toss a third of them into the compost pile. I can understand why Texas doesn't want any in their waterways. The goldfish like them.

Anonymous said...


that bromeliad is absolutely beautiful! glad the goldfish are doing well.

haven't commented in quite a while but still enjoy reading your blog.

unfortunately we did not make it up to sma in april as we had planned that is why i did not contact you. hopefully i will eventually make it there someday.

teresa-the one who spent the winter in chacala.