Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New Restaurant in Colonia San Antonio

The restaurant scene in our Colonia just keeps getting better and better. This month El Sazon Restaurante opened just down the street from us on Prolongation Refugio across from Mariscolandia. The owners are a young couple, Cindy Juarez and Adrian Hernandez. Adrian was born in Mexico but has lived in the USA most of his life and Cindy was born in the USA but lived in San Miguel most of her life. At some point they were both in San Miguel at the same time, they met and married a month later. Then they lived in the Texas for a while and worked in restaurants but now they are back to stay.

Cindy's Mom and Dad own the wonderful fish place, Mariscolandia and Adrian and Cindy opened their restaurante across the street. We teased them that now we have a "Surf and Turf" place in our Colonia. They have indoor and outdoor dining.

But let's get to the food. It is good! We've eaten there two times in the last four days and we saw friends there on Saturday night who had eaten there the night before and they were back again.

There are two for breakfast which includes some things you might want for comida as well----such as a Comida Corrida for 48 pesos and a Club Sandwich that I think is also $48 pesos. This is the Comida Corrida with Chorizo and a bowl of soup. There were several choices for the meat. From the other menu, we have tried the Arrachera, the hamburgesa and the quail that you see below. The quail was 90 pesos. Todo, muy delicioso.
Our friends who ate there said the Filete Minon was excellent as well. Most of the things on this menu are beef but there is a grilled chicken, a special baked potato as well as several children's offerings.

I don't have the address, but El Sazon is just a little up the hill on Prolongation Refugio from the corner of Vergel and across the street from Mariscolandia. I hope you will give them a try and don't forget to tell them that you read about El Sazon on Billieblog.

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