Monday, June 23, 2008

Fresh Figs

Fresh figs are in the mercados now and you will see trucks selling figs along the highway to Queretaro. Buy them now because the shelf life of a fresh fig is shortlived. Figs have to be picked when they are ripe because they will not ripen further after being picked. So you have a very short window to enjoy this summer treat.

I've never been much of a fig eater. I don't remember eating them as a kid nor do I remember my mother canning figs or making fig preserves. So what to do with them is a new adventure for me.

I had friends in for dinner yesterday and I wanted to try something with figs. So I've been reading lots of fig recipes, mostly just the ones that would make a fig appetizer. I had decided to try them with goat cheese and wrap a piece of proscuitto around them before baking them for a few minutes in the oven. My Culinary Consultant (aka son #2) told me that would not be the best way to use the proscuitto. He said to dice the proscuitto and mix it with the goat cheese. Then gently press a bit of the mixture into the fig, sprinkle that with just a bit of brown sugar and broil them until the brown sugar caramelized. I had to keep shifting the pan around in the broiler so that all the figs got even treatment. Then a tiny sprinkle of balsamic vinegar just before serving.

His advice was good. The fig appetizers disappeared like popcorn. Oh, and the dinner party turned out very well. As we finished dessert we heard fireworks so we went up to the terrace. The San Antonio church capped off the evening for us with cohetes. I couldn't have planned it better!!!!


wayne said...

I want to be on your guest list!!

Billie said...

Wayne, you will definitely be on my guest list when you visit San Miguel.

John W said...

Figs became a favorite fruit of mine after my mother-in-law began feeding my infant son figs and unsweetened yogurt (!) for breakfast. Your recipe sounds wonderful--much better than hers.

Heather said...

Sounds great! You're making me hungry.

BTW, DH and I were talking about you and San Miguel the other day. We still want to come there on vacation someday. We did just do the Disney vacation for our daughter in February, so we're one step closer to coming to San Miguel.