Friday, May 30, 2008

Best of Both Worlds

We are back in our little casita in San Miguel and it is always, always good to sleep in your own bed. We were welcomed home with fireworks and very loud music.....some of the amenities of San Miguel. We think they were coming from the San Antonio church but we were too tired to climb to the terrace another time to check and see exactly where the noise was coming from.

Most of our things are put away. I've been to the grocery store and have stuff for dinner tonight. Pork loin chops and lots of veggies for a veggie salad. Ned has gone to collect all the mail and pick up some more things at the grocery store. Since we are walking we split up the load to carry home.

Our trip back to Texas was truly a wonderful vacation. We stayed most of the time at our son's in Houston. They have a separate bedroom over the garage....not a full garage apartment but still it gives us all some separate space. It was wonderful to have some time with all the grandsons. And It is always fun to talk with our sons and their wives. We visited friends although we didn't get to see everyone we wanted to see. We ate at some of our old favorite restaurants and a couple of new places. And we shopped.

I can understand why people in Mexico want to go to Texas to shop. Why the Europeans are coming to the USA to shop. It is a shopping paradise. You want a new hairdryer......there are 25 to choose from. You need some new undies.....most probably you will find what you want on sale. I don't understand why goods are so much cheaper in the USA but they are. And the marketing gurus are amazing. The way stores are laid out, the merchandizing of goods, the variety......all will entice you to purchase things that you hadn't planned to buy and probably don't NEED but those marketeers have figured out ways to convince you that life will be better is you just buy. It is like being a kid in a candy store in Target, Macy's, Microcenter, Home Depot......Just amazing.

At any rate, I'm glad to be home in San Miguel and I'm glad we can vacation in Texas. I have the best of both worlds.


Heather said...

Glad to hear your home and settling back in. I agree. It does sound like the best of both worlds. I always say I want to keep our house in the country in PA, but then get a townhouse in center city Philadelphia. Then I could get my city-time in too.

Anonymous said...


We are trying to stay out of the stores while here in the US - waaaaay too tempting. That written we are buying things on our list and then some that just popped out at us ;-)

We are here a while, but already looking forward to getting back home.

J. Calypso

wolverinemx said...

Welcome back!!!